ND Care and Support West Wales receives glowing report from Care Inspectorate Wales 

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We are thrilled to announce that the ND Care and Support West Wales team has been praised by the Care Inspectorate Wales, the body that regulates and inspects the quality and safety of care services in Wales. We have been praised for the level of care we offer our clients, as well as the support our staff receives from the management team. 

Kind and compassionate carers are at the heart of our care services and their commitment makes a real difference for our service users and their families on a daily basis. When describing the level of care provided by ND Care and Support, the Care Inspectorate described it as “first class,” and talked about the team being “a part of the family”, with many of those we support saying that they would not be able to cope without them.  

We support our staff so that our service users feel supported too 

ND Care and Support strives to provide the best service possible by training and supporting our staff to do their jobs well and compassionately. Therefore, it was wonderful to see that all of the care team from West Wales said that they felt supported by the organisation and their “wonderful manager”, Eniko Acatalinei, who is “very supportive and always there when I need her” in their inspection questionnaires.  

ND Care and Support’s office staff were also praised by their colleagues on the ground, reiterating our ethos of caring from within the organisation.  

Consistency of care is key 

Our care teams work with local authorities and health services to offer bespoke care solutions for those needing support in the area. Consistency in both care and management support is of the utmost importance to us as a business, and this is a continuing theme throughout the Care Inspectorate report. 

Many people commented that they see the same staff regularly and that they really benefit from a dedicated team who know them well. Again, the dedication of the manager, Eniko Acatalinei, was also mentioned, as well as her knowledge, kindness and flexibility. 

We have a very strong team ethos here at ND Care and Support  

All of our staff, from community care workers to palliative care workers, are known to the service users. We believe there’s nothing more personal that choosing a care provider for your loved ones, and it is vital service users feel able to discuss any changes of care with the support team. We want every service user to feel completely supported by an approachable team of staff.  

As part of the Care Inspectorate report, the families of those that ND Care and Support West Wales team looks after praised its work and talked about the personal involvement they have with any changes to care, as well as the extra help they are offered by the team. One family member remarked: “The team of carers who look after my husband are a great support to me. I am involved in any changes to his care, and I have no concerns at all. He is at ease with the carers, he safe and happy with them”.  

 Bringing bespoke, specialist care to your home 

Choosing the right care provider for you or your loved one is essential. We are so proud that people and their relatives speak so positively about the care received. We can help you or your loved ones and would live the lifestyle you choose. You can view our full services here.  

Care can be one of the most rewarding career choices you’ll ever make 

It is our mission at ND Care and Support to provide our staff with great career opportunities from day one. There is real potential for career progression in care, which is why we want our workers to feel supported by their managers, who can help them achieve their job goals. This report shows that we are fully achieving this goal and helping our colleagues excel in their care careers.  

Good and frequent training is paramount to our success at ND Care and Support, and we provide on-the-job training to all our care workers to ensure that our service users always feel safe and protected. This was especially important during the Covid-19 pandemic to which the Inspectorate gave special mention to how well the team did during this challenging time. We ensure our care workers are well trained and knowledgeable so that safety and wellbeing is at the forefront of their minds. 

Championing the role of a care worker 

At ND Care & Support, we don’t just recruit ordinary care workers. We recruit Care Champions who truly make a difference every single day. The care and empathy needed to deliver care to such a high standard is about wanting to help those who need it with dignity and respect and being able to forge relationships with those they care for, as well as their loved ones.  We are delighted with this latest Care Inspectorate report, and we strive to emulate this across the rest of our organisation each day, and in all future inspections.  

Could care be the career for you? 

Not many careers can offer the rewards that care can provide.  You really do make a difference to people’s lives.  As a registered member of Care Inspectorate Wales (CIW), we support more than 450 individuals and their families. With opportunities to work all across Wales, there are plenty of positions and places for you to progress your career. We are always looking for caring, compassionate, and committed individuals to join our team and become care workers. If this sounds like you, find out more here.