Supporting social and community engagement

ND Care & Support provides tailored care packages to ensure children, young adults and older people can stay connected to their communities.

We provide adhoc, seasonal or regular and long-term care for individuals who live alone or with their families to ensure everyone can lead a quality of life that we’re all entitled to.

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Community care for adults and older people

We provide seasonal services to individuals who require assistance to maintain their personal interests and complete their social tasks.  We can help individuals with their shopping and cooking needs, and can also assist with daily exercise routines / classes, visits to local clubs and various other appointments.

Our Care Workers support individuals to build and develop their independent living skills and make sure everyone can continue to do things that matter to them.

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Community care for children and young adults

Our Care Workers support children and young adults to engage in community activities, hobbies and personal interests. A typical provision consists of a 2 to 3 hour session after school or at weekends to support and enhance the child or young adults’ wellbeing and family life.

ND Care & Support provides bespoke services to each family’s needs and we can increase our service provision and care packages during school holidays or when families require additional support.  In these instances, we are able to offer longer or more frequent sessions or overnight support if required.

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With the extreme pressures of lockdown, our Care Workers continue to work safely and ensure that the wellbeing of all is maintained. Whilst we are unable to access the community in normal ways, we have, and continue to provide, essential care in these difficult times.

We understand that our care for children, young adults and older people has never been more important.

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You’ve been absolutely brilliant and we wouldn’t have got through this without your help.

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