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About Us

ND Care & Support provides specialist services to the children’s, older persons and adult needs sectors. Our team of skilled professionals work closely with families and service users to offer support solutions for situations where extra help is required.

Our aim is to help improve the quality of life for individuals with specialist care and support needs in our communities.

We work to ensure that each care package is catered to the exact and unique needs of the situation. Our team recognises that no two circumstances are the same, and we offer flexibility to reflect the individual needs of every one of our service users.

Our Mission Statement

To be a leading care agency providing exceptional care and support to our clients. Being dedicated, committed and recognised for enhancing peoples quality of life and promoting their independence.

Our History

ND Care & Support has been embedded within the care sector since 2010. We are a registered member of the Care Inspectorate Wales (CIW) and are committed to the safeguarding of all our service users.

We have offices in Cardiff, Carmarthenshire and Abertillery and work within the South Wales communities closest to our teams. We employ local care workers with intimate knowledge of the areas they work in.

Services we Provide

We provide specialist services to individuals and their families depending on their circumstances. Our Care Co-ordinators look after specific areas, including:

  • Children’s services
  • Older persons
  • Adult services (18+).

By concentrating our expertise, we can assist in providing the right care package for clients based on their unique needs.

Children’s Services

Our children’s services include community and home-based respite care for children with additional care needs. We support these children to help improve their confidence and to promote the development of social skills, whilst providing much needed respite for their parents and guardians.

Adult Services

We support adults with learning disabilities and/or mental health issues with outcome-based services, ensuring the delivery of appropriate personalised care packages. We strongly promote independent living within the home and wider community.

Older Persons Services

We support older people with personal care needs and daily living support within the community and in their own homes. We also provide palliative end-of-life care and support for individuals living with a terminal illness.

Gender Pay Gap 2019

At ND Care & Support, we are dedicated to ensuring fairness, equality and inclusion throughout our workforce. We have taken the time to consider any potential gender pay gap that might exist. To this end, we have produced a Gender Pay Report (5 April 2018) to gain a good understanding of how the average earnings of our male and female employees differ.