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Going the extra mile…

ND Care & Support was set up with those two very words in mind – care and support. The team was established to offer a comprehensive range of care services to individuals within their homes and their local communities.

It is apparent that everything the team delivers is done so with care and support at the heart of what they do. We speak to Rebecca Ford, Registered Manager for the business to find out how the Care and Support workers for the team go the extra mile.

What is so different about ND Care & Support?

I think our teams – both in Cardiff and in Brynmawr take the time to really get to know the communities they work within. We form relationships that allow us to really develop the services we provide to very unique individual needs. Being part of any community is always an honour. This community is so rewarding. In that respect we enjoy getting involved with any events that celebrate the success of the sector.

What do you do to ensure that you reflect the needs of the community you work within?

Our core values as a company really display what we stand for as a business working within the domiciliary care market: Respect, Integrity, Community, Innovation and Quality. We hope that everything we do day-to-day and long term demonstrates all of these values. It’s also not just about delivering these values as part of our service to the users, but also to the individuals that work for our team. We must remember that our care workers are often in very emotive situations, working long and unusual shifts. We respect that and we hope that is reflected with our relationships with those individuals.

What do you offer those care and support workers that are employed via your team?

We want to ensure that the journey of a care worker within our business is a good one. We offer uniform, advice and can often help with transport. Most importantly, we want to ensure that the individuals that work with our team grow as individuals too. With that in mind we offer specialist training at various points throughout the year. As well as making sure that we have the most capable staff to work within our community, we will also want to ensure we have the most motivated.

What else do you do to support the community?

This year we have chosen to engage with our local communities with some very fun and creative initiatives. From pumpkin carving competitions at Halloween to fireworks poster competitions on Bonfire night – we want to give something back. We also supported the local BNB Arts and Heritage Festival across Brynmawr. We have some wonderful and unique individuals who work for our team who often have hidden skills. In particular – one chap – Craig Peet, 23 from Ebbw Vale who is a celebrated graffiti artist used his paid time with our team to deliver a series of classroom taught lessons to schools across our region. The children involved were very excited to create their own characters and bring them to life with their own personalities and quirks.

What are your plans for the future?

We have a simple drive – to keep caring for and supporting those service users, care workers and all of the other individuals working with our team. We believe in relationships and respect and hope that this helps make our service the best it can be.

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