Introducing the Pioneering PASSsystem to ND Care & Support

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Thursday 17th October was an exciting day at the Abertillery branch of ND Care & Support. It was our first onsite training day for our new electronic call monitoring and care planning system known as PASSsystem. The purpose of the session was to educate our internal staff on how the new system works and prepare them for its roll-out to Care Workers and service users in early November.

We are very excited to announce the introduction of the PASSsystem, which we strongly feel will revolutionise our current care planning activity and team communication. The system will enable us to send and receive care plan data digitally in real time, ensuring that Care Workers are fully informed of service users’ needs and any changes to their care plans as soon as they happen.

What is the PASSsystem?

The PASSsystem is a digital care planning, management, monitoring and recording tool. It provides an electronic view of care records at every stage of the care process, from enquiry, medication and task changes, to reviews. The platform enables electronic care assessments, saving time on documenting, printing and cascading changes to all care staff and streamlining the process. Using the PASSsystem to update care plans digitally ensures that our Care Workers are notified of any changes as soon as they happen, enabling us to provide seamlessly efficient care to our service users.

How will it benefit our Care Workers?

Our Care Workers will be able to use PASS to sign in and out of their calls, recording times accurately for our Care Coordinators to evaluate and review. The system helps to improve communication and efficiency between Carers and Managers, ensuring we never miss a call and safeguarding delivery of the highest quality service possible. The PASSsystem enables Care Workers to access care notes ahead of calls, helping them to prepare and informing them of any updates to tailored care plans before they come into contact with the service user. This reduces administrative duties during calls and allows Carers to spend their call time prioritising the delivery of exceptional care.

How will it benefit ND Care & Support?

The system is a positive change for ND Care & Support as it allows us to monitor the tasks that our Carer Workers are undertaking and ensure service users’ changing needs are being met efficiently and effectively. It allows our Care Coordinators and Care Workers to communicate and collaborate more seamlessly to deliver bespoke care plans. If any aspect of the care plan needs changing, such as tasks or medication changes, we can adjust the care plan electronically so that our Care Workers can carry out the change immediately during their call. As a result, the PASSsystem is helping us to improve communication and maintain high quality care, while also meeting regulatory obligations and GDPR compliance.

What does the PASSsystem mean for our service users?

Introducing the PASSsystem is beneficial all round, not just for our Care Workers and ND Care & Support teams, but most importantly for our service users. With care plan changes being shared digitally and in real time, we will be able to deliver tailored care more efficiently and effectively than ever before. With improved communication and a reduced need for Care workers to spend time reviewing notes during care calls, our Carers will now be able to dedicate their whole care call to doing what they do best – providing high-quality care to our service users.


PASSsystem digital care planning

 Our Training Day

To ensure the smooth introduction of such an innovative new system, onsite training was delivered at the Abertillery office by the PASSsystem Launch Project Manager, Richard Morris. It was attended by a number of employees from each of the three ND Care & Support branches (Abertillery, Cross Hands and Cardiff), who will go on to train the rest of their teams to use this pioneering new system.

During the training, attendees were shown how to:

  • Carry out service user assessments via the system
  • Create electronic care plans
  • Use the Managers App
  • Use the Care Worker App
  • Deliver training to care staff
  • Use dashboard features that the office staff will manage day-to-day.

The PASSsystem is highly anticipated by our teams across the three ND Care & Support branches.

Melissa Brake, Quality Assurance Manager at ND Care & Support, commented “we are always looking to improve the service we deliver. The introduction of the PASSsystem will increase efficiency and enable us to spend more time focusing on creating and maintaining quality, tailored care plans for each service user. The live information we will have access to means we can monitor our service in real-time and mitigate any risk of error. Communication with our Care Workers will also be enhanced and the accessibility that the PASSsystem offers will allow our care workers to spend the full time focusing on care delivery.”

We are looking forward to the PASSsystem being rolled out to Care Workers and service users very soon and feel that the introduction of this new platform will revolutionise our service delivery, benefiting Care Workers and service users alike.

Contact your nearest branch to find out more about how the PASSsystem will affect you.